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Burnt Store PC has expanded its support offerings to 
Small Businesses.

Current pricing and all current promotions for residential customers only
 (Home-Based Businesses are considered residential customers). 

PC repair (Any Issue): E.g., Hardware Failure, Hardware Upgrade, Software Corruption or Misconfiguration, Virus Removal, Internet Connection Issues, WiFi Issues, E-mail Issues, Printer Issues, Encryption Issues, Data Recovery, Data Backup, System Recovery [Windows™ or Linux™ (LMI)]†, System and Application Software Installation and Configuration. System and Application Software Updates, System and Application Software Upgrades.

Evaluation of Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones [Windows™, Linux™ (LMI) or Android™/Amazon™]. If one's mobile devices are no longer under warranty and no longer supported by the (OEM)¤ or vendor, Contact Burnt Store PC.

Custom Built Personal Computers and Servers [Windows or Linux (LMI)],

Home or Small Office Network Setup and Maintenance [Windows™ or Linux™ (LMI)]: E.g., Installation (Wireless or Wired), Cabling (POE°, if needed), Router and Switch Configuration, Network Configuration, Security, Connect all of one's Devices.

See Services and Terms & Conditions for additional services and more detailed information.

Customers have the option to pay in our Online Store, over the phone, in person if possible or Online with Square Cash:

Call Burnt Store PC business phone at  (407) 581-6753 confirmation before purchasing Telephone Technical Support in our Online Store, over the phone, with Square Cash or with at:

Alternatively, Book online and wait for a confirmation telephone call from Burnt Store prior to purchasing a one time subscription.

(Ongoing ZOHO Assist Remote Support Subscriptions are in the works for well qualified seriously interested clients).

Windows™ is a Trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

The Linux™ Mark Institute (LMI) is an organization that administers the "Linux" trademark on behalf of Linus Torvalds.

Google and the Google Logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc.

Amazon and the Amazon Logo are registered trademarks of Amazon Inc.

¤OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer.

°POE is Power Over Ethernet. (Installation of a power injector will provide power across one's Ethernet (Network) cable. --More and more networking devices are utilizing this standard as their power source).

  • Domestic Marine
Domestic Marine


Commercially zoned Small Business (Special offers negotiated at this time).

Complete local and remote data backup and disaster recovery solutions, including anti virus and Internet security for small offices. Coming soon.

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(The aforementioned applies to Telephone Technical Support or any other Service that Hassey Solutions provides).

Current promotions for residential customers only, at this time.